How sustainable are fresh flowers?

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At Wimble, we want to bring you happiness that doesn't cost the Earth. 

Studies show that an average fresh flower bouquet have CO2 emissions of between 31-21kg;

5 Kenyan roses + 3 Dutch Lily + 3 Kenyan Gypsophila - 31.132 Kg Co2 (source *

That's the equivalent of 77.7 miles driven in an average car. 

& for Valentine's Day?

Approximately 9,000 metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide is used each year to produce the 100 millions roses. (Source *

That's the equivalent of 22,332,506 miles driven in an average car! (phew that's a lot of mileage 😅)

And we get it, we LOVE fresh flowers too - they really are beautiful to look at, they smell divine, they bring joy to give and receive... but, is there a way we can have all of these things AND look after our environment a little better?


You bet there is. 


You don't have to say goodbye to fresh flowers altogether but we've got some alternatives so that you can support a cleaner movement;  

1) Shop Local - UK grown fresh flowers are considerably lower in carbon emissions owing greatly to the freight costs being lower.

Fresh Flowers can't be shipped by sea as they need to be kept at a specific temperature so as not to wilt meaning that by air is the only way they can travel from their grown countries - this hikes up the CO2 per bouquet substantially. Plus you have all the good feels of supporting a small business near you.

2) Check for the FlorVerde standard on your next bouquet

This scheme ensures that only those products whose processes meet the quality, and environmental and social requirements as established in the Florverde normative documents are certified. 
3) (and this is where we come in...) Go Dried
77 miles in a car seems an awful lot of emissions for a bouquet that only lasts 3-4 weeks right? 
Dried Flower Bouquets are, not only on trend right now, but they're here to stay. A bouquet that you can look at for the next 2 years and remember the happiness you felt receiving it; or the love you feel for the gifter, or just a reminder of that special occasion. 
Bouquets that are great quality, low maintenance, vibrant, beautiful and scented that bring your home to life. 

 We worked hard to find a supplier to work with who shared our values, and whilst we endeavour to do even more to reduce our footprint, we're doing our best to bring you a sustainable solution. Our suppliers have over 360 solar panels installed at their workshop, use only water-based dyes and are continuously looking for ways to be more green.

So, our pledge to you;

We promise to continue learning and developing and creating dried flower bouquets that bring you all of the same feels of a fresh flower bouquet. 

We promise to work closely with our suppliers to deliver great quality bouquets that don't cost the earth. 

& We promise to always continue to look for ways that we can be cleaner. 


We believe that you can have long-lasting happiness that doesn't cost the Earth. 


Thank you for joining us on this journey so far, we can't wait to show you what we have in store for you next! 

Love, Hannah & Shay

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