Best Vases for Pampas Grass

Best Vases for Pampas Grass

So, you've got your Pampas Grass, now, how do you display it? Why are there so many types of vases, what height do you need and which vase is best for Pampas Grass?

It's okay, don't stress! I've scoured the internet to find loads of options that suit all sorts of interiors so hopefully there's something in here that will work for you. 

But, if not, here's your checklist when shopping for your Pampas Grass Vase.
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The Maths

Take a look at the height of your Pampas Grass. The tallest grass we sell is 115cm tall.
50cm is the length of the plumes (the fluffy bit), leaving 65cm as the length of the stems.

We recommend that the vase is at least half of the height of the stems.
In this case, no less than 30cm and no more than 50cm in height will work for tall Pampas Grass. 

Fancy another example?

You may have a tabletop bouquet of Pampas Grass that is 70cm tall in total.
If the length of the stem is 25cm, then you should look for a vase that is no smaller than 12.5-15cm tall. 

tabletop pampas bouquet in hallway and tall fluffy pampas stems. soft boho style
90cm Pampas Grass: Shop here

There's still one more thing to think about; 
the neck width of the vase.

How tall would you like your Pampas Grass to stand? Some would like their stems to stand upright and as tall as possible whereas some prefer a more relaxed look.

This is where the neck width becomes important. 

To keep them standing upright, a taller vase will work better, but, if you have your heart set on a shorter vase, here's a good rule of thumb; 

Neck Width = 1cm per Pampas Stem. 

For example, if you have 5 stems of Pampas, the neck width of your vase should be 5-6cm. 

For 10 stems, aim for 10-11cm 

Here's some vase ideas and where you can buy them so that you can recreate the look at home;

Relaxed Boho

Boho home showing large Pampas Grass in wicker vase with a 70s cabinet and framed print
Picture Credit: The Design Villa
3 short boho wicker vases
L to R: OKA, £150. Abigail Ahern, £44.50. Maison Du Monde, £33

Florist's Tip:
In this image from The Design Villa, it is likely that they've used oasis foam for artificial and dried flowers in the base of vase and poked the stems into it to keep them tall! 

Scandi Boho

Bright white, scandi-boho interiors showing a white desk with a bamboo chair. Tall fluffy Pampas Grass stands in a large circle vase
Photo Credit; Soohme
3 glass dome vases frin giyse if ganoton, la redoute and the little house shop
L to R: Little House Shop, £36. La Redoute, £120. House of Hampton, £51.99

Bamboo Fever

Image shows white and beige boho style bedroom with a mix of 3 rattan / wicker style vases filled with tall fluffy pampas grass
Photo Credit: @my.burleigh.reno
image shows 3 large wicker / rattan vases by la redoure, dunelm and next
Image shows large bamboo vases from cox and cox and ikea
L to R: La Redoute, £30. Dunelm, £25. Next, £38. Cox and Cox, £45. Ikea, £19

Florist's Tip
: If you want your Pampas Grass to stand even taller, use an opaque vase like these and put newspaper in the base to give it extra height! 

Minimalist Chic

Photo shows an image by The Poster Store. A clean white sofa with a black and white gallery wall feature behind it and a black coffee table. Large Fluffy Pampas Grass sits in a Smokey Grey Hurricane Vase with metal stand
Photo Credit; The Poster Store
Image shows large dark grey glass vase by Nude, a Tall column vase by Cox and Cox, a Tall bottle vase in dark grey by Cox and Cox and a Holographic Glass Hurricane Vase on Metal Stand by Dunelm
L to R: Nude, £99. Cox and Cox, £35. Cox and Cox, £45. Dunelm, £22 

The vase hunt can be hard, but hopefully I've narrowed down some options for you to make the process a little easier. 

Which look did you love the most? Let me know in the comments! 

Happy vase-shopping! 
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I am speechless! These arrangements are absolutely beautiful and perfect! Great job. It makes me want to have them all🙂 I’m looking towards the taller upright grasses in a tall vase, I’d like to put it besides a table in the living room

Michelle Olekshuk

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