Create your own vintage textured vase

DIY Textured Vase for £12

She's quickly becoming the DIY QUEEN of Instagram and has been turning bland, plain, unused vases into vintage, textured, works of art for the past few weeks. 
What was once a quick-hack during Lockdown, Jade, from @behindno16 has been upcycling vases left, right and centre and giving the likes of Zara and La Redoute a run for their money with her inspired dupes.
Jade's home account is so beautiful, a minimalist vibe with well-considered styling pieces and a brand new Cockapoo to complete the look - a must follow on instagram! 
This week Jade is hosting our Brand New Blog series; Something for the Weekend with a quick guide to make your own textured vase at home for just £12.
What will you need?
  • Head to your local Dunelm and pick up this shaped glass vase. This is the one we used but the technique will work with any glass vase!
  • Toilet Roll
  • PVA glue
  • White Paint
  • Mud, yes Mud!
  • Beige Paint
1. Grab your loo roll (yes, loo roll but tissue paper would also work), paint brush and PVA glue and simple start applying to the vase with the paint brush making sure you’re moving the paper about to create the rippled texture.
2. Cover the whole vase with loo roll or tissue paper and then with another layer of PVA glue on top so it hardens as it drys.
3.Repeat this process so there’s two layers of loo roll and allow to dry overnight until it hardens fully.
4. Apply a thick layer of white paint and allow to dry.
5. Next, head outside and grab a bowl full of dirt! This is going to help with the shading, giving it a 'worn' look. Dab on with an old sponge sporadically across the vase.
6. Lastly apply a darker shade of paint and start stop stippling on the vase to create more shading. And then go back over with the white just stippling in the odd place to blend the three colours. Allow to dry before styling! 
Jade has styled with our Daisy Bouquet which you can get with 20% off using Jade20 at the checkout;
We'd love to know if you give this a go! Tag us both in your pictures of your new vases! @mywimble @behindno16
Have a beautiful weekend, 
Hannah x 


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