How to display your Dried Flower Bouquet

How to display your Dried Flower Bouquet

Firstly, Thank you for ordering your Wimble dried flower Bouquet! 

Here's a few FAQ's to help you care for them. 

1) How long do Dried Flowers last? 

Your dried flowers will last anywhere from 1-2 years depending on how well they're looked after. Try not to keep them in direct sunlight as this can cause their colours to fade and remember not to add water to them! 

Dried flowers can be very delicate so don't move them around too much - they last the longest when you find them a cute spot in your home and leave them to sit pretty. 

2) How to clean your Dried Flowers

If you've had your dried flowers for a while you may have noticed dust build up on them. They are delicate so be careful when cleaning them. On a cool, low heat, you can gently blow dry your dried flowers - keep your distance here so you don't cause any breakage. Once blow-dried, give them a spray with hairspray and that should keep them looking fresh for the next few months! 

So finally, how do you display your dried flowers?

We've hand tied your bouquet, so if you like, you can simply add it to your favourite vase and go on with your day. If you'd like to spend a little more time arranging the bouquet, here's what I would do. 


Image shows delicately seperating pampas grass to add volume

Step 1

Start with the Pampas Grass and delicately separate the stems - this will give them some extra volume and shape. Once you're happy with their shape, give them a spritz with Hairspray to hold them there. 

Add in the white gypsophila to add height to the dried flower bouquet

Step 2

The bouquet has been shaped with each variety of flowers sitting at a different height. I like to angle all the flowers from tall at the back to short at the front-centre. The next tallest stem is the white gypsophila. Delicately place the stems in front of the Pampas grass and make sure it's spread out

Add in the lavender to the dried flower bouquet

Step 3

Next we add in the lavender - make sure you evenly distribute across the dried flower display. 

fill in the shape of the dried flower bouquet with preserved eucalyptus and dried linum

Step 4

Now it's time to start filling in the shape of the bouquet. I like to add the preserved Eucalyptus to either side of the display to give is definition and depth. I then use the Dried linum (that's the one that looks like little balls on the end of the stems) to the centre of the bouquet to build out volume in the middle. 

start displaying the front of the dried flower bouquet with the bunny tails, dried phalaris and marcela flower

Step 5

Now that the bouquet is taking shape we can start to play around with the front of the bouquet. You can be creative here and delicately place the remaining white flowers towards the centre of the display. 

finish off styling your dried flower bouquet

Step 6

I like to leave the little white Marcela Flowers until last to put them at centre-stage of the bouquet. Once you've finished adding your dried flower stems to the vase you can have one final fiddle-around until you're happy with your bouquet. 


Once you're pleased with them, give them all a little spritz with hairspray and snap a picture! Tag us in your pic on instagram: @mywimble!


Any questions leave them in the comments! 



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