Our Favourite Large Vases for Pampas Grass 2022

Our Favourite Large Vases for Pampas Grass 2022

Since you loved our last round-up of Pampas Grass vases so much, we decided to bring you an updated bunch for 2022! And, great news - these are all available on Amazon so you can grab a vase when you purchase our Pampas Grass on Prime!

 Let's jump straight into it. 

With our tall 110-115cm fluffy Pampas Grass, I'd recommend that you choose a vase no shorter than 30cm and no taller than 50cm.

To keep the stems standing tall, make sure the neck width of the vase is between 5-10cm!

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#1: Large Glass Bottle Vase 

Tall large pampas grass displayed in large glass bottle vase

 Image by @WalkintheParquet  |  For Pampas, shop herelarge glass bottle vase for pampas grass

Shop Large Glass Bottle Vase here

#2: Small Glass Bottle Vase

Still a winner in our eyes and a fraction of the price, cha-ching! 

small glass bottle vase for pampas grass

Image by @Renov8teen |  For Pampas, shop here

small glass bottle vase for large pampas grass

Shop Small Glass Bottle Vase here

#3: Long, Tall Sally

Now, she's a little taller than we usually recommend but she makes a statement! Try putting some dried flower oasis in the base to make your Pampas Grass stand even taller! 


long tall white vase from amazon for minimalism trend

Image by @ourhouseinlondon |  For Pampas, shop here

tall white vase from amazon with fluffy pampas grass

Shop Tall White Vase here

#4: Classy glass vase

Love her. So chic, so elegant. Need. 

(this is not quite the same vase, but the closest we could find!) 

tall blue glass vase for pampas grass Image by us |   For Pampas, shop here

slate grey ribbed classy vase for pampas grass

Shop Grey Ribbed Vase here

#5: Minimalist chic

Yes, the famous doughnut vase - just snip your pampas grass down to size to make an amazing tabletop display! 

minimalist donut vase with pampas grass

Image by @homewithnicci  |  For Pampas, shop here

minimalism doughnut vase

Minimalist Doughnut vase, shop here


There we have it - something for everyone! 

Let me know your favourite vase and tag us in all of your pictures on instagram! @mywimble



Han & The Wimble Team

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