About Us


I'm Hannah and I cover all things from marketing to designs and I co-own Wimble with my partner, Shay - he's the brains & focuses on our logistics! Welcome to Wimble! We've worked so hard to bring you amazing bouquets from the highest quality sourced dried flower farmers & we hope you love what you've seen so far! We're on a mission to make your home your Haven and uplift your living space with vibrant, delicate, everlasting blooms!

Just imagine, it's been a long day a work, you've been running around the city all day. You've just made the long commute home. You turn the key in the door, kick off your shoes and... 


you feel everything relax and you know you're home.

Our mission is this feeling.


About Us.


I went to University to study Fashion Design & Textiles. I'm a very visual person and I believe there's no reason why you can't bring fashion into your home. I love experimenting with different textures, unconventional colour techniques and layering vibrant patterns. The first time I stumbled onto dried flowers I fell in love. There's something about a delicately considered bouquet that is captivating - the different levels, shapes, colours & characters. I love exploring & getting better and I can't wait to share our designs with you!



I have over 10 years experience in running and growing companies and I'm looking forward to the challenge of bringing Wimble to life from the seed of an idea. It's fascinating to me to watch the journey unravel and to guide a company into fruition. I'm a logistics guy and I'm passionate about the numbers behind the business. 

Together, we're just having the most fun in bringing you bouquets that you'll LOVE.

Han & Shay xx