Meet the Makers

The stories of all the wonderful independent businesses and artisans that feature in this hamper.

Friarwood Fine Wines

Friarwood was founded in 1967 by the late Peter Bowen. Having worked as a young man at many of the preeminent Chateaux in the Bordeaux region of France, Peter's passion drove him to create Friarwood as a fine wine trade from which to supply London and the rest of the UK with the best Bordeaux wines.

Since the early 1970's, Friarwood has been one of the largest importers of Bordeaux wines into the UK, an exclusive distributor of many famous estates, and a major supplier to many of the top restaurants and hotels throughout Britain.

Wimbledon Brewery

The Wimbledon Brewery was first established in the 18th century. It stood in Wimbledon High Street where the old fire station is today.

William Quartermaine, in 188, built the five-storey tower brewery, the highest building in Wimbledon at the time.

A fire started at the brewery on January 2nd 1889 and although the interior of the building was badly damaged and all the brewing equipment and machinery destroyed, the main structure of the building was left intact.

Today’s Wimbledon Brewery can be characterised in very similar terms to the one described above.

They are custodians of the heritage and traditions of beer brewing, whilst also inspiring the new generation of beer drinkers and brewers.

XO Chocolaterie

XO Opened their doors a few days before we went into our first lockdown.

A small focused team passionate about creating the UK's most prestigious chocolate treat.

The team has over 10 years combined experience in chocolate, culinary arts and customer service at the highest level.

They promise you'll have the most beautiful selection of delicious chocolate products, zero compromise.

Table @ Vallebona

Vallebona is, at its heart, a family business. Run by the husband and wife team, Stefano and Naoko.

For over twenty years they have been passionate about discovering exceptional products from independent farmers and small producers in Italy and Japan for use by top chefs, food lovers and home cooks alike.

They want to share their love of good food and entertaining by delivering from their table to yours.

Local Cheese Cave

Natalie started her business in the first lockdown with the idea that she could bring the best cheeses Britain has to offer to the residence of Wimbledon.

She travels to dairies across England to find the hidden Cheese Gems.

Dairies with only a dozen cows or so. When their cows get sick, they stop their cheese production until their cows are better - so cute.

Natalie regularly hosts hugely popular cheese and beer pairing events to get feedback to stock only the finest cheeses.

Forty Acre Forest

In the midst of the lockdown, charities were some of the hardest hit and Sam struggled to find work and a good coffee...

He looked down at the coffee in his hand one day and thought "I can do better than this".

Sam now locally roasts his own coffee with a great blend of South American beans.

He tries new bean blends with roasting techniques all the time and with quick feedback from his die hard following he's quickly on his way to London's best coffee.

EVA's Candles

Eva's background is in finance.

She spent her days working in a stressful environment during the day and trying to undo the day's stress in the evening.

After years of this vicious cycle, and after lighting thousands of candles, the day came when Eva left the stress of working in finance and now hand pours her candles so that she can illuminate the lives of others.

Her mission is to lift your spirit, calm your soul and create a haven in this world of pressure and stress.