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Extra Fluffy Dried Pampas Grass.

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"As someone who hates throwing flowers away when they inevitably die, I was thrilled to find this pampas grass. It’s SO FLUFFY and is packaged beautifully with super clear instructions. Highly recommend!" Stacy W.

✓ All Natural Dried Pampas Grass & Sustainably Grown
✓ 2-3 year lifespan & low maintenance
✓ Extra fluffy plumes for a truly luxurious look
✓ Gorgeous tones create an uplifting feel in any space or centrepiece decorations

Why Customers Choose Wimble's Extra Fluffy Pampas Grass to Brighten Up Their Home

With Boho Chic being the number 1 trend of 2021, use our fluffy pampas grass to elevate your home and table decoration in the style that everyone is loving.

Our Extra Fluffy stems have beautiful, feathery plumes, measuring approx 50-55cm in height and standing approx 110cm tall altogether, making them the perfect living room staple. 

Pampas Grass - The sustainable choice when it comes to flowers

With fresh flowers being shipped to the UK from all over the world, but only lasting for 7-10 days, they are really not a choice for the environmentally conscious among us. Our dried flowers, including all pampas grasses, are shipped from environmentally-friendly farms in the Netherlands, and last up to 2 years if looked after properly. Reducing carbon emissions significantly when compared to fresh. 

Caring for your extra fluffy pampas grass 

Once you have received your fluffy plumes, follow this simple process to ensure they last for years to come:

1. Give them a little shake to remove any loose feathers

2. Blow with a hairdryer gently for a few minutes (on a cool setting)

3. Leave in the sun for up to a week (the grass will really start to come to life now!)

4. Spray with a little hair spray and then keep out of direct sunlight and moisture.

Of course, no need to water - so easy!