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"Wonky" Pampas Grass

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Our Pampas Grass is completely natural and therefore some of our stems get a little wonky and droopy (don't we all!). 

We don't feel right selling them at full price but it doesn't align with our values of creating a more circular economy by discarding them - PLUS they make great filler for bigger displays (or trim them down and display in donut vases on your shelfie! 

Grab yourself a bargain with these extra fluffy stems with 30% off.

Price is for 5 stems of 110cm tall fluffy Pampas Grass. As it’s heavily discounted they are non-refundable. 

How to take care of your wonky pampas grass

Follow the following steps to help your pampas grass thrive for years to come:

1. Shake your pampas stems gently when you first take them out of the box to remove any loose feathers (a bit of shedding at this stage is completely normal)

2. Blow gently with a hairdryer on a cool setting for a few minutes

3. Leave in sunlight for up to a week (they will really start to flourish now!)

4. Spray with some hairspray

Ongoing, we would suggest keeping your pampas grass out of direct sunlight and moisture. Doing this, they should last for 1-3 years with no watering or further care. Easy!